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January 17 2018

So... I'm not denying the importancy of so-called "bodily autonomy", but his/her expression that "bodily autonomy" means "a person's control over their own body is abpve all important and must not be infringed upon" is an absurd. Because of that "all above". The whole expression literally it means that you can't put somebody in jail because you deprive him from full control of his body (because he can't go everywhere where he wants to). It also means that when I want to punch somebody in face and somebody stop my fist, it's indeed something againts MUH CONTROL OF MUH BODI. If bodily control is "all above" important, it generates absurds. If not, it has limits and, that ruins that selfish and based on ressentiment "MUH BODI CONTROL". Why ressentiment? Because central values in posters mind are focused on ego, having control, over-sensitive ("invasive") and making expression on "incredibly expensive [...] process".
Also, if muh control is above all, so sorry, no doctor can help him/she if fainted in car accident because of lack of consent :^
Another thing, the commentary is lacking in consequence. In first part he/she wrote that it's "ILLEGAL" to force somebody to donate blood, but later we can read about how "desperately unethical" is telling someone that abortion is bad. Ethics and law are different things, something that is legal doesn't have to be legal and vice versa. Also it is worth to mention that when author was talking about forcing, the context was about how illegal that is (in which I think that this is right), but when it was about TELLING someone that they must do something, context is ethical. Author goes from one thing to another without a single claim, something here is lacking.
Yes it's debatable where another human being have it's own beginning and I strongly disagree in thesis, that human fetus should be saved in ANY circumstances. But, embryo have potential and inclination to be full-grown and relatively independent, self-aware person. Nails and hairs, which are totally "part of a body" does't have this potential, so no one can tell that aborting fetus is the same as removing other parts of body.
Last thing: it's not true that we grant corpses an absolute bodily autonomy. It's a standard in many countries that state can use your organs without asking you of consent. According to Wikipedia: "Both developing and developed countries have forged various policies to try to increase the safety and availability of organ transplants to their citizens. Austria, Brazil, France, Italy, Poland and Spain have ruled all adults potential donors with the "opting out" policy, unless they attain cards specifying not to be."
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Her argument is self-defeating. Forcing her to give blood against her will is not ethical because of bodily autonomy - yet, if one is to respect the bodily autonomy then she still cannot proceed with an abortion because infringing on the bodily autonomy requires a consent. The requirement of a consent is big deal when it comes to dead bodies, yet in case of an unborn baby it's hand-waved and ignored, to which I can only ask how ethical is it to declare someone as "not a human" and use that reasoning to infringe the bodily autonomy of such a person? 
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January 16 2018

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Geralt Mariusz vel Kolonko
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Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
— J.R.R. Tolkien
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please look at my cat’s feet

ankle tattoos? lol what a hipster

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